Sex and Sexism in Space

Science fiction can act as a mirror for our society. Sometimes the reflection isn’t flattering. Take, for instance, the common trope of hooking up with hot anthropomorphic aliens. Now this wouldn’t irritate me in and of itself (or else Star Trek would’ve given me an aneurysm), but it always seems to cater to the straight, typically male audience who turn around and say “diverse” characters aren’t realistic.

I can hear you groaning from here. Oh, Christ. Not another SJW diatribe.

Well, no. Not quite. To paraphrase movieverse Mark Watney: “I’m gonna science the shit out of this.”


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“Diversity” Is A Problem — Discover

Melissa Hillman on the struggle for real diversity in academia, theater, and beyond: “The problem with diversity without equity is that diversity can be accomplished in ways that entirely preserve the white male power structure.”

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Lets talk about the elephant in the room – the lack of bisexual characters in fiction. Sorry, let me correct that – the lack of WELL-WRITTEN bisexual characters in fiction. By that, I mean characters who aren’t automatically written as promiscuous because of their bisexuality, characters whose bisexuality isn’t the the most interesting thing about […]

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