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By the 23rd century, humanity has colonized its first planet: Mars. Far removed from Earth’s military power, resources, and affluence, daily life on the red planet is chaotic and dangerous.

Mig is an aging mercenary who relies on dwindling civilian contracts to earn his living. Olivia is a brilliant programmer who struggles with a medical condition she’s too poor to treat. They live and work together in the small settlement of New Shanidar, but a chance encounter starts a sequence of events that threatens to destroy their lives, their loyalty to each other, and all hope for a better future on Earth.

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Mum and I part ways at the airport security checkpoint.

She hugs me hard and says, “I’ll text you when I land.”


She knows something’s wrong and leaves me with the same marching orders as before. Test my iron levels. Ask my doctor to print out the results. Read them to her over the phone. I promise her I will because I don’t have it in me to say I already did. My iron’s so low the doctor isn’t sure the reading is accurate. I need an abdominal ultrasound. It will show anything suspicious or missing. Maybe nothing. Maybe something.

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