A new chapter up for Lacunae!

Major Aula Reed is a Canadian fighter pilot, veteran astronaut, closeted bisexual, and survivor of the worst accident in space exploration since Space Shuttle Columbia. The first permanent outpost on the Moon should’ve been cause for celebration, but its destruction gutted a generation of moonwalkers.

By the spring of 2046, the accident approaches its tenth anniversary. Aula is stationed on a new lunar base where her second mission is constantly overshadowed by her first. To live separate from Earth means facing radiation, meteorites, and equipment failure while under constant public scrutiny. Despite the demands of her job, Aula struggles to find meaning in what happened. Even if it challenges the lies she told herself, the people she loves, and the rest of the world.

This is a story of the near future informed by the lives of today’s astronauts, whose triumphs and tragedies are immortalized in the public eye.

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