Gunning for the good stuff, eh? My work is currently on Wattpad and WordPress. It’s character driven and science oriented. My agenda (besides the obvious and dastardly Gay Agenda™) is to spread diversity and a little knowledge.

Because space.



Major Aula Reed is a Canadian fighter pilot, veteran astronaut, closeted bisexual, and a survivor of the worst accident in space exploration since Columbia. Ten years after her crew’s death, she still struggles to find meaning in what happened.

hard science fiction | contemporary | dying astronaut | lgbt+

The Rust

Mig is an aging mercenary who relies on dwindling civilian contracts to make a living. Olivia is a brilliant programmer who struggles with a medical condition she’s too poor to treat. A chance encounter on Mars threatens to destroy their lives, their loyalty to each other, and any future on Earth.

hard science fiction | near-future | lgbt+ | polyamory

The Marble

A group of musings about the quirky, deep, and reassuring interconnectedness of life on our planet.

non-fiction | philosophy | science


A health scare forces you to look at things in a different light.

short story | philosophy | science